Chechen teen apologizes for throwing can at other kids on bus  

Chechen teen apologizes for throwing can at other kids on bus
Photo: A still from the video

According to the teenager, his parents and the republic leadership reprimanded him.

The Chechen who had thrown a drink can at a kid saying “Akhmat sila” (Akhmat is power”) and videotaped it, offered a public apology for what he had done. He admitted he had been wrong and acted dishonorably.

 “I would like to apologize for my shameful deed on the bus; throwing a can at the kids sitting in front of me and saying: “Akhmat sila”. I was reprimanded severely by the republic leadership and my parents. Once again, I want to apologize for the dishonorable act,” he said in a new video.

Earlier, the teenager had posted the video with that very “dishonorable act”, which caused a public outcry in Chechnya and reached the republic’s head, Ramzan Kadyrov. He ordered that the teenager immediately come to Grozny with his parents. Otherwise, Kadyrov promised that he would be "found in a matter of hours."

The region head also stressed that the actions of the Chechen kid had nothing to do with the Akhmat club, “thousands of young people who have the right to say ‘Akhmat sila’, given their exemplary behavior, excellent school performance, and achievements in sports”.



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