Chechen police officer shots businessman out of blood feud

Chechen police officer shots businessman out of blood feud

The junior sergeant has voluntarily surrendered to the police.

In Alkhan-Yurt, Urus-Martan district of Chechnya, 27-year-old police officer Mayrbek Tashaev has shot 36-year-old local businessman Apti Dutaev with his government-issue rifle. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda’s sources, he has committed the murder out of blood feud.

The newspaper reports that two years ago, Dutaev and local resident Magomadov – Tashaev’s relative – had a conflict. In a duel of sorts, Dutaev shot Magomadov. Despite the fact that a criminal case into the murder was initiated, it was soon terminated.

Then Tashaev decided to seek revenge on his own. The junior sergeant fired 44 shots with AKS-74U at businessman’s Mercedes-Benz 222. The latter died in hospital from multiple wounds.

The day after the murder, Tashaev came to the police and told about what happened, surrendering. A criminal case was initiated against him. Another rifle, which allegedly belonged to Dutaev, was discovered at the murder site.



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