Chechen Parliament Speaker Daudov threatened to tame tongue of news agency editor 

Chechen Parliament Speaker Daudov threatened to tame tongue of news agency editor
Screenshot of Daudov’s post on Instagram

Speaker of the Republic of Chechnya’s Parliament Magomed Daudov has published a post calling to ‘pull out a pair of fangs’ or ‘tame tongue’ of ‘a dog named Sved (a Swede)’ on his Instagram account.

Chief Editor of Kavkazky Uzel (‘Caucasian Knot’) Internet portal Grigory Shvedov took the post on the social network personal.

According to the chief editor, it was him whom the official called a dog with a menacing, but cowardly look.

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Screenshot of Magomed Daudov’s post addressed to the Kavkazky Uzel chief editor

Chief Editor of Kavkazky Uzel Grigory Shvedov has told his colleagues from other media that he is currently discussing the contents of the post with lawyers and trying to figure out whether it constitutes a crime under the article on Obstruction of the Lawful Professional Activity of Journalists.

“I believe we're dealing with part 3 of Art. 144 of the Russian Criminal Code, associated with obstruction of the lawful professional activities of a journalist. It is, in fact, a criminal offense, but the article does not work. We all know that this article is one of those few intended to protect journalists, but it is rarely applied,” Shvedov stressed.

At the same time, the media representative noted he did not think that the threat to tame tongue was addressed to him personally. According to Shvedov, it is an appeal to the media in general, in order to intimidate its representatives.

“Rather, it is the collective unconscious perception of professional journalism by many officials, in particular, by the Chechen authorities,” the chief editor of Kavkazky Uzel added.



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