Chechen official files for torture in Mayor's office of Grozny 

Chechen official files for torture in Mayor's office of Grozny
Mayor of Grozny Muslim Khuchiev

ead of the Chechen municipal heat supply company Lom-Ali Elbiev says the Grozny Mayor beat a false confession out of him with stun gun.

The Mayor of Grozny beat a false confession out of Head of the Chechen municipal heat supply company Lom-Ali Elbiev in embezzling 28 million rubles ($474.100) by tortures. The official himself, who is now abroad, told about it to Memorial. According to him, all the actions took place right in the building of the Grozny Mayor's office, while Head of the Chechen capital Muslim Khuchiev personally asked his friend to bring the apparatus for torture by electric shock.

The Human Rights Center has already asked the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to verify these facts, but after more than a month there has been no response.

Owner of the company Low Temperature Systems – NTS Albiev headed Heat Supply in 2016 at the invitation of the city authorities. His work was supervised by the Deputy Mayor of Grozny, Aslan Khuchiev, who is also the cousin of the city's Head. Another of his brothers, Beslan Khuchiev, headed the Urban Management Committee and on this basis, as Elbiyv said, constantly interfered in the personnel and financial issues of the municipal unitary enterprise Heat Supply.

In response to a request to protect him from the attention of Beslan Khuchiev Elbiev was invited to the Mayor's office for a conversation on February 24 this year. There he was accused of stealing enterprise money. Together with Beslan Khuchiev, they even drove out the facilities of the enterprise, where Khuchiev estimated installed equipment and said that it did not correspond to the announced prices. After returning to the Mayor's office, Elbiev had a conversation with the Mayor, during which he tried to justify himself, but the Mayor's guards handcuffed him, took him to the basement, where they began to beat and torture him with an electric shock. All actions took place until three in the morning. As a result, Albiev, unable to withstand torture, confessed to untruths. His confessions were shot on a video camera and put forward conditions for the return of allegedly stolen funds. On March 1 he was to return 10 million rubles ($169.300), another 10 million on March 8 and two weeks later the remaining 8 million rubles. After that, Elbiev was released.

Снимки, которые Элбиев предоставил «Мемориалу»

Pictures that Elbiev sent to Memorial

By March 1, Elbiev, according to him, was able to borrow only 4 million rubles from a friend on the security of property, which he transferred to the city hall. The next day he was told that on March 8 he was obliged to bring 16 million rubles, otherwise he and his family would be killed. Fearing for his life and for his relatives, Lom-Ali Elbiev left Russia immediately with his family.

After that, in the middle of May, through distant relatives of Elbiev, he was told that "there was an error with the amount" and offered him, forgetting this "easy misunderstanding", to return to the Republic and even continue work.



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