Chechen MMA fighter Mamed Khalidov is dollar millionaire

Chechen MMA fighter Mamed Khalidov is dollar millionaire
Mamed Khalidov

The athlete’s friend has defended him.

The business partner of a Chechen-born fighter Mamed Khalidov, who was detained by the fighters of the anti-terrorist unit of Poland, clarified the situation.

Dmitry Smolyakov recalled that Khalidov survived the bombing in Grozny during the First Chechen War, after which he moved to Poland. Here he received an education and became the face of Polish KSW promotion (considered the leading organization of mixed martial arts in Poland). Here the athlete received record fees, became the champion in the category up to 84 kg. For his entire career, which he ended last year, he has: 34 wins, 6 losses, 2 draws. He refused to fight in the UFC because of the “small fees” of $800,000.

On June 1, he was detained in Poland on suspicion of illegally importing expensive cars from the Czech Republic to Poland.

Smolyakov also said that he and Khalidov have a common business in construction, real estate and restaurants. The business partner is confident that after the hearing on June 12, Mamed will be released. He believes that the whole situation with detention is the creation of noise around a well-known name.

“It's just that Mamed really loves cars, he has a large fleet in which there are cars much higher ib class – and there are no questions about them. Questions arose on some Range Rover and I don’t even remember when we used it,” Smolyakov explained the situation.

He also recalled that his friend is a dollar millionaire, and he simply does not need to make money on stolen cars. It is known that Mamed in one of the transactions assigned an amount of $1,200,000 for his battle. His friend explains that that is how a native of Chechnya became a millionaire.

He also told how they took Khalidov – they broke a stained-glass window the size from ceiling to floor at night and entered the house. Mamed calmly went out and said: “Come on, don't bother you. Let's go." This version is promoted by Smolyakov.

A friend declares with confidence that he will pay a deposit for an athlete, if such one is advanced.

“I repeat: I think they will let him go tomorrow <...> He is independent – and they are trying to land him like this,” the detainee’s business partner concluded.



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