Chechen military got brochure on how to behave in Syria 

Chechen military got brochure on how to behave in Syria
Visual translator (Syrian Arab Republic) and Recommendations to military in carrying out tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic

Small booklets with basic information about Syria, types of weapons, and Russian-Arabic phrase book were spread among the Sever battalion's personnel.

The soldiers of the Rosgvardiya (National Guard) 46th operative brigade received pamphlets on behavior in Syria. According to Novaya Gazeta, printed materials are distributed to the personnel of the Sever battalion of the 46th operational brigade (OBRON) of Rosgvardiya.

Sources have confirmed that there is an active preparation of Chechen soldiers of the 46th unit of Rosgvardiya to Syrian trip. It also notes that this multi-ethnic team and Slavic nationalities dominate in this military brigade.



One of the brochures is called Visual translator (Syrian Arab Republic). It contains information about Syria, the Middle East, the types of weapons and military equipment. There is a brief Russian-Arabic phrase book of basic phrases and commands. There is no information about the publisher. However, the cover shows red, white and blue stars - the emblem of the Russian Armed Forces, approved by the summer of 2014.

The second brochure is called Recommendations to military in carrying out tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic. It, according to the newspaper, also contains a summary on Syria: geographical information, language, festivals, currency and customs.

At the same time, “the Federal Service of the Russian Federation, National Guard troops” is written on this brochure and the Rosgvardiya's emblem and emblem of the 46th unit are printed. The structure of this OBRON brigade include the Sever and Yug battalions.

Interestingly, on page 9, there is a signature – OBRON 64th brigade coordinated with military personnel. It is possible to decipher this abbreviation as the department on work with the personnel of the 64th separate brigade of special purpose. However, the 64th brigade of Rosgvardiya does not exist. As suggested by Novaya Gazeta, this may be a typo intentional, in case the brochure gets in sharing, they could deny that these materials belong to the Ministry of Defense and Rosgvardiya.

Previously, all messages that pointed to the preparation of the Chechen battalion to be sent to Syria to take part in a ground operation, the Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called "fake."

Also, Novaya Gazeta notes that, according to the law, the use of Rosgvardiya troops in military conflicts (including in order to combat international terrorism) outside the Russian Federation is provided only in accordance with the Treaty on Collective Security (CSTO). While Syria is not a CSTO member.



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