Chechen leader demonstrates how to support Russian football team at World Cup 

Chechen leader demonstrates how to support Russian football team at World Cup
Ramzan Kadyrov and his entourage Photo: Social networks

The Head of Chechnya showed how he supported the Russian team during the 2018 World Cup.

Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov finds himself at the center of the discussion of the Russia vs. Egypt match as the Egyptian national team, as is known, is based in Grozny. After the Russian team scored 3:1, Kadyrov joked that he was "innocent," and posted a photo of himself and his associates enjoying the match.

Recall that the day before Kadyrov responded to the Western press accusations that Russia uses the World Cup for geopolitical purposes and the Egyptians were housed in a "dangerous region."

The Head of Chechnya stated in an interview with a BBC journalist: "There is no violence, no pedophilia, no hami... hemo...homosexuals, as you said. It's all come up." Commenting on the use of Salah for self-promotion, Kadyrov noted that many famous football players such as Maradona played in Grozny, and he did not invite Salah and the Egyptian team to Chechnya: "We provided the conditions, they chose our region."


After the Russian national team overcame Egypt, Kadyrov called it "triumph," congratulated Putin, Cherchesov, all the players and wrote that he watched the match in Grozny.

The photos demonstrate Kadyrov and his entourage watching the match in a room with luxurious furnishings and columns of stone with gilding.

Ramzan is dressed in an emerald training suit, all his fellow are unshod, just in black socks, fruits and snacks adorn the table, no alcohol.



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