Chechen fighter ashamed before Kadyrov about BMW rush  

Chechen fighter ashamed before Kadyrov about BMW rush
Zaurbek Khasiev

According to Zaurbek Khasiev, he had to drive at least 140 km per hour to be on time for an interview and a tournament.

Zaurbek Khasiev, the Vice-President of Chechen Berkut fight club, admitted on Instagram that he was embarrassed in front of the Chechen Government about his reckless driving on Moscow’s Leningradsky Prospekt.

"Most of all I feel ashamed before my Father and the Republican Government. Trust my word, to me, their disappointed look is much weightier than any penalty," Khasiev wrote.

Besides, the fighter said, it was not just for fun that he was being so foolhardy. The rash, which, judging by passengers’ comments, reached 240 km per hour, was necessary to be on time for an interview and the ACB tournament (Absolute Championship Berkut tournament among MMA fighters). Khasiyev also claims that he was not driving faster than 140 km per hour, posting a CCTV picture as a proof. According to the document, the violation was committed on October 22.

Khasiev stressed that he already paid for what he did by paying the traffic ticket.

"I always take responsibility for what I say or do, always have and always will, unlike those who post that ugly stuff about me without even knowing me, my friends," the fighter posted.

We should also highlight that this is not the only video of "aggressive driving" on Zaurbek Khasiev’s social platforms.

Earlier, a video featuring a BMW with aggressively driving men from Chechen Berkut fight club went viral in the social media. The footage shows the car moving at high speed along Leningradskoye Highway through heavy traffic towards the city center. The driver is pushing and cutting off other motorists. After the media disseminated the bold video, the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate started their investigations.

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