Chechen family apologizes for accusing siloviki of kidnapping attempt of their daughter suspected of leaving for Syria 

Chechen family apologizes for accusing siloviki of kidnapping attempt of their daughter  suspected of leaving for Syria
One of the attackers – Yakub Tazurkaev

Earlier, they said that two uncles of the young lady wanted to kill her, accusing of trying to leave for Syria.⁠

The Chechen television channel Grozny broadcast a story telling about residents of the village of Katyr-yurt, the Tazurkaevs, who allegedly slandered two police officers.

Earlier, 18-year-old Aishat Tazurkaeva shot a video that shows how several men try to break into the house, breaking doors and windows down. The girl says that among them there are her relatives, Adam and Yakub Tazurkaevs, who serve in the regiment of Kadyrov. As the website Kavkaz. Realii reports, the brothers accused her of going to leave for Syria. The video also shows her father demonstrating the consequences of the attack - the broken windows in their house, and declaring that his daughter is wanted to be dead. The mother of the young girl also says that earlier the same siloviki kidnapped the brother of the girl and they agree to let him go only in exchange for Aishat. At the same time, according to Salam Tazurkaev, law enforcement agencies fold their hands.

In the story of the Chechen television channel, the girl says that she filmed the video at her father's request, and all that happened was a domestic quarrel between relatives. Her father Salam claims that he called his brothers the employees of Kadyrov's regiment hoping that "people will intervene." In fact, according to the reporter, Adam and Yakub Tazurkaevs have long had nothing to do with the regiment. The video itself was "used by the so-called liberal media".

Salambek Ayubov, deputy police chief of the Department of Internal Affairs for Achkhoi-Martanovsky district, in turn, stated that the police had taken all the necessary measures in such cases - after the signal of the incident was received, a local police officer arrived at the site, to whom the owners allegedly stated that it was their family affairs and refused to file an application.

Kavkaz. Realii notes that in the 2000s Adam and Yakub Tazurkaevs were gangsters. In 2004, the agency Regnum wrote about their detention and the charge of involvement in numerous terrorist attacks committed in the territory of the republic. At the same time, since 2009, they have been registered as fighters of the 141st Specialized Motorized Regiment named after Kadyrov.

In 2010, Kavkazsky Uzel (Caucasian Knot) reported on the employee of the Patrol-Guard Service regiment Yakub Tazurkaev, who was accused of killing two colleagues through an oversight. Later, Kavkaz. Realii wrote that in October 2016, information appeared that the brothers Tazurkaevs had killed their niece.

The video of the Chechen TV channel also had her father, stating that his daughter had married and lived abroad.



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