Chechen ex-policemen raid sex parlor

Chechen ex-policemen raid sex parlor

The arrested men allegedly had a conflict with the shop’s manager over 15.000 rubles they had paid.

Aslambek Abubakarov and Adam Yakubov, who had worked with the Chechen MIA, have been detained in Moscow on suspicion of robbery. According to Rosbalt, the ex-policemen came to the sex parlor (that was officially named ‘massage parlor’) on Vavilova Street. They started soliciting 15.000 rubles from the salon's manager, saying they had paid the money earlier.

However, the investigators argue that the former security officers from Chechnya were using threats in attempt to seize the salon's property. The detainees strongly deny their guilt.

Reportedly, only Ukrainian women worked at the parlor and left the country immediately after the incident.



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