Chechen clans in bloodbath redistributing business, Krylatskoye

Chechen clans in bloodbath redistributing business, Krylatskoye
Police officers cordoned off the scene

Two big businessmen from Grozny started the fight that took lives of two.

An attempt to redistribute business between two opposing groups of Chechens where two people got killed might have been the reason for the late shooting in western Moscow.

The incident occurred last night on Krylatskiye Kholmy Street. The conflict is believed to have started between "two groups of people." The men decided to settle the differences with knives and guns. Policemen and investigators are yet to specify the number of people involved and the causes of the conflict. All we know is that two people died from gunshot and stab wounds, three more were taken to hospital in critical condition.

A well-informed source of RIA Novosti said that the shootout occurred between two groups of Chechens who were fighting over a business. The conflict was between Baisurovs and Khalidovs. One of the wounded in the Krylatskoye shootout is Magomed Khalidov, the former owner of Grand and Tri Kita furniture centers. The man is now in intensive care unit in a critical condition. His rivals from Baisurov clan suffered losses. MK reported that ​​ Ruslan Baisurov, 41, CEO of Intro energy company died of seven bullets he had got. Baisurov’s relative, wounded in the conflict, also died in Sklifosovsky Institute. Besides, two more persons of the Baisurov clan were taken to hospital with stab wounds. One of them, a man of 18, had a chest wound, and another, of 25, had both his chest and back cut.

Investigators are interrogating eyewitnesses of the incident and the victims, trying to find out the reasons of what happened.

Investigative Committee has filed a criminal case under Article Murder of two or more persons (part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code) and Illegal Transfer of Firearms (part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code).



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