Chechen clans' bloodbath: one more victim

Chechen clans' bloodbath: one more victim
On the crime scene

Thus, the number of victims of the fight with shooting, which occurred in Moscow at the restaurant Hills, reached three people. In total about 40 people took part in it⁠.

It became known that last weekend a participant of the massacre in the Krylatskie Kholmy died in the hospital. Rosbalt reported this with reference to its sources. On the night of 1 to 2 June two Chechen clans, Khalidovs and Baisurovs settled disputes. The first family was represented by former co-owner of the furniture centers Grand and Three Whales Magomed Khalidov and his brother Sumayd, the second one was represented by the head of the energy firm Intro CJSC Ruslan Baisurov, his brother Sharapudi with his son Timur and other relatives and related people. According to Rosbalt, there were about 30 people on their part.

The meeting began at the Hills restaurant on Krylatskie Kholmy street, and after its closure the group moved to the park, where it continued to settle disputes. However, the dispute turned into a massacre - according to the edition, Sharapudi snatched a gun and opened fire on Magomed Khalidov, hitting him in the chest and stomach at least three times. Simultaneously, Ruslan Baisurov began shooting at Sumail Khalidov. He managed to dodge and received only a tangential wound. After that, a massive fight with the use of firearms and knives began. Later on the scene law enforcement officers found several knives and a TT pistol. Also, several cartridges to the Makarov pistol were found.

As a result of the massacre, Sharapudi and Ruslan Baisurov were killed. Magomed Khalidov was taken to hospital in serious condition. Now he is in a state of coma. Also three fighters, who participated in the fight, were injured. One of them died last weekend.

The cause of the incident, according to some sources, could be a financial conflict between former business partners Baisurovs and Khalidovs. Businessmen did not divide the income from leasing commercial real estate, nor could they agree on how to dispose of the shares of several enterprises.

In connection with the incident, the Main Investigative Directorate of the ICR in Moscow conducts an investigation under articles Murder of two or more persons (part 2 of Article 105) and Illegal Possession of Weapons (part 1 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Magomed Khalidov along with the brothers Sumaid and Arbi stood at the origins of the furniture centers Grand and Three Whales. In the early 2000s, the centers were closed down on a loud case of smuggling. However, Khalidov's clan, despite the efforts of law enforcement agencies, was able to largely retain its influence and assets.



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