Chechen authorities order skewered meat for $8.500 from budget

Chechen authorities order skewered meat for $8.500 from budget

The state-funded purchase was made for the festival of tourism and outdoor activities.

Chechen Committee on public procurement placed an order for a purchase called “Shashlyk - Mashlyk". Based on information on the public procurement website, the purchase will cost the region’s budget 550 thousand rubles ($8.500).

According to the documents, Chechen state committee on tourism is the Customer. Attachments to the order are called "Shashlyk 2017".

The contract includes transfer from the airport to the hotel and to the venues of the event: Kezenoy-Am Complex and Veduchi resort, accommodation in a four-star hotel, supplies of 30 tents and 30 barbecues, 5 cubic meters of firewood for a bonfire, souvenirs: Heart of Chechnya crystal and at least a thousand postcards.

Submissions for the order will be considered by March 16, and the e-auction will be held on March 20.

It should be noted that Grozny will host a festival of tourism and outdoor activities called Shashlyk-Mashlyk on April 22.

Chechen Republic will receive subsidies of 40.4 billion rubles ($74.5m) from the federal budget in 2017, almost the same amount they got in 2016.



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