Cheboksary: anti-corruption protesters fired and expelled

Cheboksary: anti-corruption protesters fired and expelled

Meanwhile, the media reported that the Russian authorities ordered schools and institutes not to punish their students for participating in the rallies.

In Cheboksary, civil activist Alena Blinova was dismissed from the post of a kindergarten teacher for "repeated non-fulfillment of her duties" after she took part in the anti-corruption rally in the city on March 26, Otkrytaya Rossiya website informed.

The woman told 7x7 online magazine that earlier she had a conversation with the kindergarten manager. "I explained that since I was an activist, every Sunday I went out for "walks" [opposition actions,], she’s known of them for a long time," Blinova said. "The manager said that she’d seen my VKontakte account and saw something that shocked her, that is rallies and protests." On April 3, Blinova was summoned to the police that drew up a protocol under Art. 19.3 of the Administrative Code (Failure to Follow a Lawful Order of a Police Officer).

Meanwhile, another participant of the Cheboksary protest Pavel Ivanov, a member of Vesna movement, is also to be expelled from Yakovlev’s Chuvash State Pedagogical University under the pretext of underachievement.

On April 4, Vedomosti reported citing a source close to the presidential administration that the Russian authorities ordered schools and institutes not to punish students for participating in the anti-corruption rallies called He's Not Your Dimon that were held on March 26 in many cities across the country, but instead to talk to their parents and explain things to them.

The demonstrations were triggered by a video released by Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation revealing secret assets allegedly belonging to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Many people involved in the gatherings were detained, with reports about students and schoolchildren being detained and summoned for interrogations.

Several hundred people took part in the Cheboksary protest. The city authorities had provided no place for the action, so the protesters joined an ecological picket of the Young Guard of United Russia movement. Subsequently, the Leninsky District Court of Cheboksary fined seven activists amounts ranging from 500 to 1000 rubles for joining the Young Guard picket with anti-corruption slogans and posters.



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