Chase in GTA style: ex-policeman rams airport terminal to meet his sweetheart 

Chase in GTA style: ex-policeman rams airport terminal to meet his sweetheart
Ruslan Nurtdinov

At the trial, Ruslan Nurtdinov said that before getting into the terminal building on his VAZ-2115 he had reconnoitered the area, so no one was hurt.

Romantic feelings inspired the reckless driver on VAZ-2115 to ram the Kazan airport A1 terminal building. That is what the driver Ruslan Nurtdinov told the court.

"When I was on the track, no car was damaged and not a single police officer was injured, despite the fact that they tried to block the road and cause an accident. Moreover, when I was driving in the airport building not a single person was injured, in so far as, when laying the route, I conducted reconnaissance of the area. I perfectly saw where I was going, what I was doing. I had to get on the platform", the publication Kazan reporter quotes Nurtdinov.

To get to the 'platform' at the Kazan airport, the man needed in order to meet his beloved, who that night landed in the capital of Tatarstan, in style.

"I was fighting for my love!", explained the driver his driving through the terminal building.

Besides, Nurtdinov insists that at the time of the incident he was completely sober. However, he refused to pass a urine test, claiming that there was no need in that.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Ruslan Nurtdinov is a former employee of the Russian MIA, namely, the investigator of the Borovetsky Department in Naberezhnye Chelny. Currently, Nurtdinov is a co-owner of the detective agency in the same city.

The night before, a man on a VAZ-2115 entered the terminal 1A ramming the glass facade of the building from the parking lot. Having driven through the building and knocking down multiple racks, he rammed the other terminal facade. All the while, the police were unsuccessfully running after his car. The law enforcers managed to get Nurtdinov only when his car crashed into a pole on the airport parking lot.

According to the Privolzhskaya Transport Prosecutor's Office, the driver was under the influence of drugs: a bundle of green substance about 5 grams of weight was seized in his car. Two criminal cases were initiated against Nurtdinov – under Art. 318 of the Criminal Code (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power) and Art. 167 of the Criminal Code (Wilful Destruction or Damage of Property). Prosecutors estimated the damage caused by more than 6 million rubles.

The romantic on VAZ also got 15 days of administrative arrest for possession of drugs.

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