Charges against head of clinic in which actor Maryanov died extended

Charges against head of clinic in which actor Maryanov died extended
Oksana Bogdanova

Medical examiners concluded that the patient would die in any hospital.

Failure to give assistance to a person in mortal danger was added to charges against director of the Feniks clinic Oksana Bogdanova which already included providing services that did not meet the safety requirements, Pyatiy Kanal reports. The criminal case was initiated after the death of the patient in the clinic – actor Dmitry Maryanov. At that, results of a medical examination showed that the actor would have died in any hospital, the TV channel 360 says. 

“Even in America, even in Israel, even in a Moscow clinic, in any [clinic he] would have died. I have 100-page data of autopsy examinations, 88 histological sections starting from the brain, the liver... everything, which is why I conducted this examination,” Igor Sharipov, a professor at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care said.

The investigation considers Bogdanova guilty of Maryanov’s death, since the staff of the clinic worked without being officially employed. The actor was given injections without checking for allergies to the drug. Also, the investigation believes that the victim’s widow Ksenia Bik deliberately sent her husband to the Feniks clinic.

Bik assured that in the past years of her life with Maryanov she struggled with his alcoholism, and before going to the Feniks they have been to 11 medical institutions.



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