Charged posthumously: investigators held committed suicide judge Moskalenko to murder of businessman

Charged posthumously: investigators held committed suicide judge Moskalenko to murder of businessman
Sergey Moskalenko

The investigating authorities believe that the judge committed suicide after learning of his impending arrest.

The Omsk Regional Court granted the petition of the investigation involving federal judge Sergey Moskalenko, who committed suicide, as an accused in the murder of businessman Viktor Berg.

Moskalenko is posthumously charged under articles Illegal Possession and Storage of Firearms and Ammunition and Intentional Infliction of Death to another person for the purpose of concealing another crime, said representatives of the Investigative Committee.

In addition, it was announced that the case of the assassination of a judge in November 2015 was closed after the meeting of the Qualification Board. The investigation found that the attack on Moskalenko was staged.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Sergey Moskalenko was held on the case as the main person involved in a criminal case of bribery on a large scale. According to the materials of the investigating authorities, the judge received 8 million rubles from director of company OmStroy-2001 Viktor Berg for having rendered him a more lenient sentence than the law provides. The businessman, in turn, was the defendant on the high-profile case of defrauded real estate investors.

Later, Berg was found shot dead in the forest near Omsk - the killer shot him 4 times in the back through the seat of the car, and then finished off with a headshot. The main suspect in the murder was Sergey Moskalenko, but he quickly drew the attention of law enforcement officers from themselves, because he became the victim of an attack. The killer had attacked him with a knife in the stairwell and struck several blows, but the official was still alive. The investigation found that the judge organized the attack on himself.

On January, 14, at about 9 a.m. a passersby found Sergey Moskalenko hanged on a tree in the Park of the 300th anniversary of Omsk. He was dressed in a ski suit, not far from the body ski were found. A day earlier, he received notification that on January 17 the Judicial Qualifications Board would consider the request of the investigating authorities about his arrest.



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