Channel One annulled outcome of The Voice Kids finale

Channel One annulled outcome of The Voice Kids finale
Alsou with daughter

The TV channel explained their decision by the interim results of the investigation. The audit showed that an external influence was exerted on the voting in the final of the children's competition.

Channel One decided to annul the results of the final of the sixth season of The Voice. Children project, in which the daughter of singer Alsou and businessman Yan Abramov Mikell won, states the statement of the channel, received by RBC.

“The interim results of the check confirm that an external influence was exerted on the vote, which affected the outcome of the show,” representatives of the channel explained their decision, noting that the final test report on the show audit would be ready by late May.

On Wednesday, it became known that Group-IB, which the channel involved in investigating the outcome of the competition, revealed a massive automated sending of text messages in favor of the participant number 07 (Mikella Abramova performed under this number). According to experts, about 300 phone numbers participated in the vote enhancing, from which more than 8,000 messages were sent.

“A technical problem arose on the side of the persons involved in the cheating, as a result of which a part of the code written to automate the sending of messages got into the SMS text as “07 31: 26.04.2019 22:47:31, ” where 07 is the sequence number of the participant,” the experts clarified.

Channel One in its statement also stressed that the aim of the audit is to confirm or deny the fact of artificial influence on the vote. The goal was not to bring charges against anyone, the channel noted.

The channel also decided to prepare a special edition of The Voice. Children, it will be broadcast on May 24, all the finalists of the competition will take part in the shooting.

Before the next season of The Voice starts, Channel One also intends to update the voting mechanism.



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