Chanel Managing Director got mugged in Moscow

Chanel Managing Director got mugged in Moscow
Jacques Chenain Photo: Social media

Scofflaws stole the businessman’s iPhone and bought things for 2 million rubles ($31.8 thousand) through Apple Pay.

Moscow saw the Chanel Managing Director Jacques Chenain being robbed, Baza telegram channel reports. The robbers stole an iPhone worth 104,000 rubles ($1.6 thousand) from the businessman and then bought things worth 2 million rubles ($31.8 thousand) using his phone.

It is reported that the phone was stolen near the Architecture Department of the Ilya Glazunov Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The thieves used Apple Pay for paying, which means that, most likely, they knew the password.

The Chanel Managing Director discovered his phone was missing only when he arrived home on the night of June 23.

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