Chairman of Public Committee against Organized Crime arrested for DUI  

Chairman of Public Committee against Organized Crime arrested for DUI
Nikolay Yariz inside the police car

Eyewitnesses videotaped Nikolay Yariz arguing with traffic policemen and refusing to take the tests.

Nikolay Yariz, the Chairman of Federal Supervisory Committee against Organized Crime and Terrorism, the Crimean regional public organization, has become involved in a drunken row with traffic policemen late on December 5.

The incident occurred on Yevpatoria’s Vtoroi Gvardeiskoi Armii Street, where, according to eyewitnesses, Yariz’s Volkswagen Passat crashed into a VAZ 2104 going in front of it. This caused the latter dash into a store.

Traffic police officers came to the accident scene soon. The officers noticed signs of impairment and the smell of alcohol coming from Yariz and suggested the man took a breath test. This was met with a flat refusal as Chairman kept bickering and reciting his rights. Yet, Yariz agreed to proceed to a medical facility for examination, but as soon as they arrived, the Volkswagen driver back-pedaled.

Video: the detention of Yariz

Witnesses say that Igor Vinnikov, a chief doctor of the city hospital, was inside Yariz’s vehicle at the time of the accident. Social media refers to Vinnikov and Yariz as best friends. However, right after the accident happened, the physician vanished.

Yariz got a ticket for refusing to take the tests. He faces a penalty of 18 to 24 month license revocation and a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

It is noteworthy, that Nicholay Yariz served in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The website of the Ukrainian Republican Committee against Organized Crime and Corruption mentions his name in 2013, referring to him as the Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Chief of the Anti-Corruption Department in government bodies.

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