Central Asia natives stage bloodbath in Moscow

Central Asia natives stage bloodbath in Moscow
The detainees refuse to name the cause of the conflict

About 20 people have taken part in the fight.

A mass fight between natives of Central Asia have taken place in Moscow's Biryulyovo district. Four people have been hospitalized with knife wounds and heavy blood loss, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

The incident has taken place in one of the houses on Bulatnikovsky Lane. About 20 people of Central Asian origin have taken part in the fight. Compatriots used knives and batts against each other. Four men have stabbed and taken to the hospital with serious blood loss.

Law enforcers have detained three affrayers, who had fled the scene, in the Saratov region. According to the police, the suspects were heading toward the border to go underground in their native country. The detainees included men aged between 22 and 25. As it turned out, they used to wrangle odd jobs as loaders in Moscow. During interrogation, the detainees refused to disclose the cause of conflict that led to the mass brawl.

Law enforcers have initiated a criminal case over Hooliganism, and the suspects have been placed in custody.



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