Center for Investigation Management’s car blocked near Sechin’s favorite hunting farm 

Center for Investigation Management’s car blocked near Sechin’s favorite hunting farm
Picture from journalists’ car Photo: Andrey Konyakhin/Center for Investigation Management

Head of Zubr hunting farm claims that the center’s camera crew is responsible for a traffic accident involving one of the farm’s cars and tried to flee the scene.

A group of journalists from the Center for Investigation Management has been blocked near Zubr hunting farm in the Tula region. The camera crew was going to do a news segment on the farm, which, according to locals, is Rosneft Head Igor Sechin’s favorite place for hunting. The incident is reported by Mediazona.

The crew headed to the scene after a call of one of the local farmers, who complained that the hunting farm management was trying, through threats and pressure, to take away the land from local residents.

When journalists approached Zubr hunting farm, they were blocked by two black SUVs with the farm’s logo. Their drivers said they had been an accident, and they were allegedly waiting for the police. After that, one of the journalists received a call from Zubr head Igor Kabanov, who demanded that they give him USB flash drives with materials and claimed that it was them who were responsible for the road accident.

A little later, the traffic police came to the scene and took one of the Center for Investigation Management journalists to the “place of the accident.”

It should be added that according to MBKh-Media, Zubr hunting farm is linked to the son of former Rosneft Head Eduard Khudaynatov, close to Igor Sechin, the current head of the company. The publication reports, citing locals, Sechin allegedly likes to hunt at the farm.

Caption: Center for Investigation Management camera crew has been blocked in the Tula region



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