Cemetery wars in Yekaterinburg was patronized by police? 

Cemetery wars in Yekaterinburg was patronized by police?
Photo: Yuri Martyanov/Kommersant

The Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Yury Ponomarev took under his own control the criminal proceedings against owners of illegal funeral companies in the Sverdlovsk Region.

In the Sverdlovsk Region a criminal case against the owners of illegal funeral firms, on the details of which neither the prosecutors nor the Investigative Committee report, is being investigated. However, the fact that the Prosecutor-General’s Office got interested in it demonstrates how serious it is. The Deputy Head of the Вepartment Yury Ponomarev took the graveyard case under his personal control and requested the prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk Region to ensure proper supervision of the investigation.

We are talking about the latest cemetery scandal in Yekaterinburg. One of the local funeral companies Dondik controlled, according to sources of the Ura.ru, about 30% of the market in the city. The firm was run by Maxim Chayka, Denis Sinyak and the former detective Denis Yemelyanov. The latter had a wide circle of contacts in the local police. The investigation suggests that some of the policemen for a fee leak information about the recently deceased people and were patronizing the business.

After receiving the necessary information, the black graves registration firm contacted the relatives of the deceased and offered their services. Naturally, the prices were massively higher. The relatives of the deceased stricken with grief often paid in advance to the businessmen and signed the contracts.

The Dondiks, at some point, decided that 30% of the business is not enough and they began an aggressive expansion, which employed any means: the burning of competitors vehicles (hearses and managers’ cars), beating the employees of other firms. The victims appealed to the police, but the law enforcement agencies were not been able to get on the trail of criminals. Or just did not want to. This now is to be figured out by the investigation.

"Among the other circumstances in the course of the investigation, the information about the possible involvement of former and current employees of law enforcement agencies in the given unlawful activities will be carefully monitored and receive proper legal assessment", said the Prosecutor's Office in the Sverdlovsk Region in its statement.


On the left Denis Emelyanov. In the center and on the right – his employees nicknamed Vova-Moscow and Joystick. The latter was detained by authorities for vehicles arson. Photo: Ura.ru

So far, criminal cases are initiated against Dondik company managers. Last week, Maxim Chaika was arrested. On Monday, Denis Sinyak was arrested. The former policeman Yemelyanov is currently searched for. The Prosecutor's Office said that each of the detainees is accused of a number of serious crimes, without mentioning specific articles and criminal episodes. However, the representative in the Sverdlovsk Region supervisory authority in the comments to RIA Novosti said that the owners of the funeral business are accused of fraud, deliberate damage of property and hooliganism.



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