CCTV records with Khabarovsk ex-Governor's grandson accident on MKAD disappeared

CCTV records with Khabarovsk ex-Governor's grandson accident on MKAD disappeared
Igor Ishaev

The lawyer of the injured in road accident asserts that video materials were intentionally destroyed.⁠

Road cameras did not work at the time of the resonant accident at the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) with the participation of the grandson of the ex-Governor of the Khabarovsk region, Igor Ishaev, by coincidence. As reported by Life, now it is impossible to establish the fault of rich kid on the Mercedes-CLS, which rammed two cars and a wagon. Therefore, Igor Ishaev is only witnessed in the case.

However, according to lawyer of injured Anna B. Marat Amanliev, records from the cameras existed, but were deliberately destroyed. As the lawyer said, the charge was not presented to anyone due to the fact that at the time of the accident the cameras were turned off - in maintenance.

The accident occurred at 4 am on March 15 on the first kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road. There was a collision of four cars: MAN, Mercedes, Nissan and KIA, as a result of which the truck turned over and blocked three lanes. Igor Ishaev was behind the wheel of the Mercedes. According to witnesses, after the collision, the arrow of the speedometer of his car froze at a speed of 220 km/h.

As the coordinator of the Sinii Vederki (Blue Pails) campaign Petr Shkumatov said, now, the culprit of the accident is trying to expose Anna B., who was driving Kia. Mercedes crashed Kia first. Igor Ishaev said that the accident happened allegedly due to the fact that Kia changed lanes.

Ishaev's passenger was the acquaintance of Mara Bagdasaryan, 23-year-old Murad Balakerimov. As a result of the accident, he received open fractures of both legs. Recall that in 2015, 22-year-old Igor Ishaev was deprived of the rights for driving on the opposite lane in Khabarovsk for one year, but did not pass the driver's license.



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