Cause of death of Mosoblbank founder Malcevsky in colony named

Cause of death of Mosoblbank founder Malcevsky in colony named
Andrzej Malcevsky

The former banker died of infectious meningitis.

Founder of Mosoblbank Andrzej Malcevsky, who was in 2016 sentenced to four years of imprisonment, died in the hospital in the Ryazan Region of infectious meningitis, the banker’s relative told The Bell.

Earlier, it was reported that 56-year-old Andrzej Malcevsky felt ill in the penal colony, after which he was transferred to the hospital.

The press service of the FSIN for the Ryazan Region told RBC that the deceased felt bad on June 13, with “no signs of violence or poisoning were found.”

On the same day, Malcevsky was sent to the Ryazan Regional Clinical Hospital, but on June 16 he died.

A close relative of the banker, whose name The Bell does not disclose, said that shortly before that, reorganization had taken place in the colony, and 350 people were settled in a barrack designed for 200 people. According to him, the prisoners were sleeping in shifts because of a shortage of beds and Malcevsky developed infectious meningitis. On June 15, he fell into a coma. “His health completely deteriorated. They refused to release him on parole three times, and, apparently, everything together led to such a result,” the interlocutor of the publication suggested.

At the same time, in an interview with The Bell, Andrzej Malcevsky ’s lawyer Solomenny said that he did not complain about the overcrowding in the barrack, and was only denied the parole twice − on June 13 he planned to file a petition again.

In 2016, Andrzej Malcevsky was sentenced to four years in a general regime penal colony within the case of embezzling 68 billion rubles (~1.076 million USD) from Mosoblbank: the founder of the bank “created an organized criminal group consisting of his trusted persons.”

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