KhMAO: Caucasian diaspora opened season of power redistribution with murder 

KhMAO: Caucasian diaspora opened season of power redistribution with murder
Shortly before the incident Azerbaijanis had conflict with the Kurds

Kurdish and Azerbaijani criminal groups divide the business.⁠

Caucasian diaspora began the redistribution of influence on one of the markets of Surgut. The distribution of the profitable market representatives of Kurdish and Azeri criminal groups began with a mass brawl, in which one of its members was shot dead.

The incident occurred on January 31 near the cafe Rus' on the Andreevsky street. According to eyewitnesses, the conflict flared between Caucasians. The exact number of participants did not mentioned. During the fight, a native of Azerbaijan, 44-year-old Ruzgar Aliev, was killed with two shots to the head. The shooter is wanted by the police, his identity has not yet been established.

As it became known to Ugra TV, shortly before the incident Azerbaijanis had the conflict with the Kurds. A source in law enforcement agencies told us that a group of Azerbaijani beat some Imran, one of the representatives of the Kurdish community. The aggrieved party hastened to appoint the gathering with offenders, as a result of which Ruzgar Aliev was killed.

With regard to the identity of the deceased, he had previously flashed in the police reports. Previously, he was detained for illegal possession of firearms. During detention Aliev knocked the policemen on his car. According to Ugra TV, Azerbaijani quickly released from the custody thanks to his countryman Ravshan Chyragov, who held the office of a senior commissioner in the district police department №3 of the Surgut AMIA.

Local TV channels do not specify whether the arrest of Aliev was connected with the incident that occurred on March 31 last year, when an unknown driver on Lexus hit the special forces soldier on the Sosnovaya Street and disappeared. Then the motorist was prosecuted under Article 318 of the Criminal Code (Use of Violence against a government representative).

Note that on the incident at the cafe Rus in Surgut representatives commented very sparingly, but sources in the agencies report that the conflict is not settled, because representatives of the Kurdish and Azeri criminal groups have just started the repartition of influence on business.

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