Case on Anapa interrogation tortures initiated after 12 refusals  

Case on Anapa interrogation tortures initiated after 12 refusals
MIA officers suspected of torturing detainees

Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are suspected of power abuse with the use of violence.

The Investigative Committee in the Krasnodar region has instituted a criminal case about power abuse with the use of violence under item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code against Anapa police officers suspected of cruel tortures during interrogations.

The first checks in the police department started in February 2016, after numerous complaints came from victims and their families. In May 2016, the case was passed to the first department on priority cases of the Krasnodar ICR. Within a year and a half, there were 11 refusals to initiate proceedings, before the ICR finally announced the case has been opened.

The Committee for the Prevention of Torture stated that the investigators have run no examinations or checks this whole time, and no witnesses have been questioned either.


One of the victims

We should remind that the torture scandal in Anapa police was reported in the winter of 2015. Four food warehouse employees: Artem Ponomarchuk, Aram Arustamyan, Karen and Erik Yengoyan told human rights activists that they had been detained for no apparent reason on suspicion of theft. The men were taken to the police station and soon court ruled to jail them for 12 days for petty hooliganism. The arrested men were then tortured into making confessions to crimes they had not committed. The tortures were extremely cruel and refined: the officers beat the detainees with electric current, smoked them with a gas mask and raped them with a rubber truncheon. Each of the men eventually confessed and was brought to trail on theft charges, with their confessions being the primary evidence.



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