Case of investigator Shishkina’s murder transferred to ICR’ central office

Case of investigator Shishkina’s murder transferred to ICR’ central office
Evgenia Shishkina

Earlier, it transpired that the Moscow Region authorities ignored the investigator’s requests for state security.

The ICR head, Alexander Bastrykin, ordered to transfer the case of the murder of the senior investigator for particularly important cases on transport in the Central Federal District, Evgenia Shishkina, to the central office of the department “for the most complete and objective investigation,” the official ICR representative Svetlana Petrenko reports.

The doubts about the objectivity of the Moscow Region department may be related to the strange behavior of its management, whom Shishkina asked twice for state protection because of the anonymous threats she had received. The senior investigator applied twice but for some reason in the Moscow Region MIA did not take that into consideration.

Shishkina was threatened because of an investigation of a fraud case related to the issuance of electronic tickets for railway trains, a source in the law enforcement told Interfax.

It is to be recalled that the investigator’s body was found on October 10 in the village of Arkhangelskoye, Krasnogorsk District, the Moscow Region. A few months before the murder, unknown persons set Shishkina’s car on fire.

The investigation initiated criminal cases of encroachment on the life of a police officer (Article 317 CCRF) and illegal trafficking of weapons (part 1 of Article 222 CCRF).



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