Case of gangland Petersburg businessman Vershinin about “suitcase for torture” collapses in court

Case of gangland Petersburg businessman Vershinin about “suitcase for torture” collapses in court
Alexander Vershinin-Golubev

The first of those accused in a high-profile case of mass beating and torture of four Petersburgers received a suspended sentence.

The Vsevolozhsk court of the Leningrad region acquitted the defendant, odious Petersburg merchant Vershinin-Golubev, accused of torturing a subordinate, according to Fontanka.

On Monday, December 17, the Vsevolozhsk City Court will begin announcing the verdict against the other five defendants in the Vershinin-Golubev case, accused of hooliganism, unlawful imprisonment with guns and torture.

According to investigators, in the evening of March 17, 2017, the accused under the leadership of Alexander Vershinin-Golubev, using truncheons and threatening with firearms, beat four people. The criminal case also recorded that some of the victims were pumped vodka through the nose.

The conflict was caused by Vershinin’s property dispute with widow of many children Sokolova about the fate of a house in the village of Mistolovo, inherited from her deceased husband. According to the woman, when selling shares in a house registered on her three children, she received 100,000 rubles ($1,500) from Vershinin’s wife at a fixed house price of 12 million rubles ($180,000). Immediately after that, she was no longer allowed on the site. When the woman came with friends to make sure about the safety of things, the guards opened fire, after which Vershinin arrived with his subordinates. While the men were beaten, the owner of the house was forcibly kept in the car, which the investigation later qualified as unlawful imprisonment.

On November 26, the Vsevolozhsk court already made a decision on one of the defendants in the case, Vershinin's 34-year-old driver of the ROSPromneft Yurchenko. The man was accused under the articles Hooliganism in a Group of Persons and (Deprivation of Liberty), as well as in the second part of Article 117 of the Criminal Code (Torture of Two or More Persons). According to the testimony of the victims, Yurchenko beat them with fists and a butt of weapons. However, during the consideration of the case in court, the torture, which is a serious crime, was reclassified to minor articles: 115 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of Light Bodily Harm), and 116 of the Criminal Code (Battery). The charge of hooliganism was dropped. As a result, on the basis of the charges, the defendant received 3 years’ probation, was released in the courtroom and notified of the right to rehabilitation.

Thus, in sentencing, torture, grievous bodily harm (several people, who came along with Sokolova, had their heads pierced) and an episode with a small suitcase full of torture devices, were forgotten by the court.

The victim Sokolova is suing the Vershininin couple in civil law as well. Although the Vsevolzhsky court already three times refused to accept a property claim against Vershinin, the Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg in late October decided to charge the Vershinins in favor of the plaintiff about 2.5 million rubles ($37,500).

Gangland Petersburger Alexander Vershinin-Golubev, known as a partner of the imprisoned on the case of the murder of Galina Starovoitova Mikhail Glushchenko (Khokhol), in recent years engaged in the fuel business. According to the information system SPARK-Interfax, the businessman heads the Rospromneft. A dozen more companies with a similar name, to which Vershinin is related, take part in the main capital of the company. Currently Vershinin is arrested in absentia and is on the international wanted list. It is known that the businessman disappeared through a window during a search at his home in the presence of 7 policemen, after which he received the nickname Fantomas.



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