Case of Domodedovo's dangerous services extended for three months

Case of Domodedovo's dangerous services extended for three months

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has extended the period of investigation in respect of the owner of Domodedovo Airport Dmitriy Kamenshchik, as well as three of his possible accomplices.

This measure has been adopted in connection with the demand of the Acting Prosecutor General Aleksandr Gutsan, aiming at determination of the positions of all persons who are victims in this case. ICR also notes that currently more than half of the victims have renounced their claims against the airport as they had received charity payment.

It is also worth adding that the period of preliminary investigation in respect of the Domodedovo Airport owner Dmitriy Kamenshchik, the former Director of the Airport complex Vyacheslav Nekrasov, the former Head of the Airport Management Company Limited’s Russian representative office Svetlana Trishina, and the former Managing Director of Domodedovo Airport Aviation Security CJSC Andrey Danilov ended July 28. They are charged with the Fulfillment of Works or Rendering of Services Which Do Not Meet Safety Standards (Part 3 of Art. 238 of the Russian Criminal Code). 

It is noteworthy that the Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovskiy had sent the requirements associated with the elimination of violations in this case four times to the investigating authorities. Let us recall that Dmitriy Kamenshchik and his colleagues and accomplices had simplified the passenger screening procedure at the Domodedovo Airport;  eventually, a suicide bomber was able to take advantage of it by blowing himself up and claiming the lives of thirty-seven people on January 2011. Nevertheless, Vladimir Malinovskiy demanded to terminate their criminal prosecution. The ICR Chairman Aleksandr Bastrykin has received a similar demand from the Acting Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Gutsan.

An important detail is the fact that, according to the Russian Federation Code of Criminal Procedure, the Acting Prosecutor General's direction was non-appealable, therefore Aleksandr Bastrykin was obliged to take urgent measures aimed at establishing the rule of law in the criminal case. However, shortly before that, the official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office Aleksandr Kurennoy had stated that he had yet to receive the response of the Investigative Committee, but the Office had been expecting it any minute and looking forward to a positive solution to this issue.”

Instead, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has extended the terms of the investigation for this high-profile case for another three months and released the defendants from house arrest. Currently, they are released on their own recognizance.

It should be reminded, that a special fund had been earlier created by the Domodedovo Airport management, entitled Aviatsionniy (Aviation fund). It was used to voluntarily pay charitable donations to citizens, who had suffered during the terrorist attack. The citizens, in turn, began to withdraw the lawsuits against the airport in the criminal case initiated under Art. 238 of the Russian Criminal Code.

The version associated with the victims was also confirmed by their lawyer Igor Trunov. According to him, there is certain logic behind the Investigative Committee's actions, as 110 out of 215 injured people have received cash payments as of today. He described the situation of the remaining 100 people as unclear, as in case the criminal case was terminated, they would not receive payment.

Also, according to him, the investigation should carry out a number of procedural actions with the victims. “In connection with the rejection of civil claims, the investigators are obliged to interrogate each victim under the protocol, so that later the decision would not be appealed or overturned as illegal,” said Igor Trunov. 

In addition, the investigators have to complete all examinations that had previously been assigned under the present case, and issue the necessary documentation. If they fail to do this, then claims may be directed to the investigating authorities themselves, as they have been collecting evidence proving the guilt of Dmitriy Kamenshchik for a long time, and then suddenly terminated the process, backtracking.

According to Igor Trunov, two months would be enough to resolve all aspects of the present case. However, given the procedural aspects, the extension makes three months.



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