Case of Caucasus natives who kidnapped Voronezh Vice-Mayor transferred to court

Case of Caucasus natives who kidnapped Voronezh Vice-Mayor transferred to court
Vadim Kstenin

The figurants of the case carted victims in coffins to get money out of them.

In Voronezh, a trial of three Ingush people who abducted people in order to obtain ransom began. The most notorious episode of their criminal activity was the kidnapping of First Vice-Mayor of Voronezh Vadim Kstenin. He was abducted and sat on in a local cemetery in order to obtain a ransom of $5 million.

Ingushs Ruslan, Alikhan and Mohammed Kotievs kidnapped Ksentov on May 29, 2015. According to the investigation, the criminal trio first abducted the Vice-Mayor's driver. The Caucasians intercepted the driver of the official at the gas station, pushed him into the car. Arriving at the house of Kstenin, the bandits jumped out of the car, shouted that "a special operation of the FSB was being conducted" and forcefully pushed the official into the car. There, he was handcuffed; they wrapped his face with scotch tape. The Vice-Mayor was taken to the southwestern cemetery in Voronezh; kidnappers extorted 5 million dollars from him. Otherwise, they promised to pass him on to "numerous enemies".

After negotiations with criminals, both sides agreed on the sum of 5 million rubles ($84.500), which the official promised to give for his freedom on the same day. The official and his driver were released, having previously given 100.000 rubles to criminals.

Soon FSB agents detained the racketeers. The operation was tough, after the detention of one of the members of the criminal group Ruslan Kotiev had to be taken to the Voronezh regional hospital. There he was treated under the supervision of the police, but everything went wrong. One day Kotiev noticed that security watches television attentively and did not guard him. Taking advantage of the situation, Kotiev managed to escape from the hospital. As a result, he had been searched for more than a year - Ruslan Kotiev, previously convicted for extortion, illegal trafficking in weapons and beating of an employee of the SIZO, was detained in Stavropol.

In addition, Kotiev, according to investigators, was involved in the case of the kidnapping of one of the local businessmen and extortion of 100 million rubles from him. In order to get money out of the victim, the accused placed him into the coffin.

At the moment, three persons involved in the case are charged with several articles - Illegal Seizure of a Vehicle without the purpose of its theft, Kidnapping, Extortion and Robbery (Article 166 of the Criminal Code, Article 126 of the Criminal Code, Articles 162 and 163 of the Criminal Code).

The lawyers of the detainees are trying to promote the version that the Vice-Mayor took money from the suspects and decided not to give it back.



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