Cars of silver-spooners and oligarchs: luxury cars counted in Russia

Cars of silver-spooners and oligarchs: luxury cars counted in Russia
More than half of luxury cars are registered in Moscow Photo: Za Rulyom

They turned out to be surprisingly few - only 10,500 pieces. Thus, the share of luxury cars on the market was only 0.025%.

As of July 1, 2017 in Russia there are 10.5 thousand luxury cars, agency Avtostat reports. Bentley brand takes the lead, its share in the segment was 35%, in total 3,6 thousand cars of the famous brand go in the great spaces our homeland. Mercedes-Maybach comes next, it covered 20% of the Luxury market, in total our country has 2.1 thousand units. Maserati and Rolls-Royce enjoy equal shares, they have 10% of the market of luxury cars, or 1,1 thousand units each. The shares of the rest are small, but they should also be noted, they are: Ferrari - 712 pcs., Aston Martin - 411 pcs. and Lamborghini - 252 pcs. Including quite modest pieces of brands Buick, MG, Lotus and Bugatti.

More than half of the luxury cars - 5.9 thousand units, are registered in Moscow, about a thousand - in St. Petersburg, and slightly more than 900 units - in the Moscow region.

Among the remaining regions in the Luxury segment the Krasnodar region is in the lead - 290 pcs., Sverdlovsk region - 140 pcs. and the Rostov region - 137 pcs. The Samara region has about a hundred luxury cars, and there are several dozens and unities in the rest of the regions.

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