Car of bank teller who stole $353.000 found in Bashkiria

Car of bank teller who stole $353.000 found in Bashkiria
Luiza Khairullina

It was found abandoned on a highway.

A Renault Duster belonging to the Khairullin family has been found on a highway after four weeks of searching, local media reported.

As previously reported, Luiza Khairullina, the senior bank teller of Rosselkhozbank in Salavat, disappeared with her husband Marat and two children on a day when 23 million rubles ($353.000) were stolen from the bank's box office.

According to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Khairullins pawned the Renault Duster in 2017 and now it is pledged to the bank. The monthly payment was 25 thousand rubles. The last payment, according to Luiza Khairullina’s father Ramil Mullakhmetov, was made two days before the disappearance.

On this basis, the man claims that the family could have been kidnapped. Otherwise, why would Marat make the installment?

However, the theory that the Khairullins had long planned the embezzlement is supported by the fact that Luiza had taken both of her daughters’ documents from school a few days before the disappearance.



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