Moscow officials to appear in Khovanskoye cemetery massacre case 

Moscow officials to appear in Khovanskoye cemetery massacre case
Former head (local branch of ceremonial services) №3 of Ritual company Yuri Chabuev

The materials of the inspection against so far unidentified officials of Ritual and the Department of the Consumer Market of Moscow are separated into different procedure.⁠

The main investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow completed the investigation of the high-profile criminal case on the massacre at the Khovanskoye cemetery on May, 14 2016. However, as head of the investigative group Levon Agadzhanyan told Izvestia, a check of the employees of Ritual company and the Moscow Consumer Market Department, who, according to the investigation, showed criminal inaction that led to the conflict, began simultaneously.

At the moment 16 people are being accused in the case, they feature head of the local branch of ritual services (TORO) №3 of Moscow company Ritual Yuri Chabuev, former police officer in Khamovniki district Nikita Moshenko and organizer of mass riots, one of the founders of public organization Healthy Nation, lawyer Alexander Bocharnikov. They are charged with organizing and participating in mass riots, causing serious harm to health, which caused the death of two people through imprudence, and abuse of official authority, which entailed grave consequences.

Recall, the cause of the massacre was the decision of Yuri Chabuev, the employee of Ritual, to receive part of the earnings of Tajik migrants who were unofficially employed to take care of graves. Relatives of the buried in this cemetery paid for their work. He could not reach an agreement with guest workers, so he decided to hold a deterrent action. His acquaintances – lawyer Alexander Bocharnikov and former investigator of the prosecutor's office of Kabardino-Balkaria Georgy Makaryev – were responsible for the attraction of power support. To drive out Tajiks from the cemetery they attracted members of public organization Healthy Nation – the youth wing of Battle Brotherhood. For the help provided Chabuev promised them to further include Bocharnikov, Makaryev and all their activists in the private security companies of each cemetery, the number of which subordinate to the TORO No. 3 Ritual is 31. Roughly 3-3.5 million rubles ($53-62 thousand) are allocated for the protection of each of them.

В результате бойни на Хованском кладбище погибли три человека

The massacre in the Khovanskoye cemetery killed three people

On that day, on the eve of the so-called opening of the cemetery season, organized and armed members of Healthy Nation came to the cemetery, according to them, to enforce the law regarding legal residence in the territory of Russia and work of migrant workers. This led to a fight and a shootout, as a result of which, despite the lack of firearms, migrants put the ‘militants’ to flight by making advantage of numerical superiority. One person was shot, two were struck to death by a car. All the dead were Tajik citizens. More than 30 people were injured and got bodily injuries of varying severity. Including ordinary visitors of the cemetery – in particular, the car of the elderly couple that came to visit the grave of their son was tried to be taken away, as a result they were beaten.

The investigation showed that this way Chabuev planned to either redistribute financial flows, or drive out competitors, or subordinate them to himself. The fact is that the migrants provided services completely identical to those provided by Ritual and TORO-3, but 2-3 times cheaper. At the same time their monthly shadow income was about 20 million rubles ($356 thousand).

Among the accused there are many representatives of Chechnya and former policemen. One of the organizers – Georgy Makaryev managed to escape, now he is on the international wanted list. Their cases will soon be submitted to the court.

However, the investigation is continuing – cases have been singled out in separate proceedings for unidentified assailants and fugitives. The inspection will also continue against officials of the Department of the Consumer Market of Moscow, who controlled Ritual company.



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