Aviation Academy's students expelled after erotic dance to DJ Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction in underwear (video) 

Aviation Academy's students expelled after erotic dance to DJ Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction in underwear (video)
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The video shows cadets of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil dancing to Italian DJ Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction wearing underwear, uniform, caps, belts and carrying mops, screwdrivers, and irons.

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) promises to take the most stringent measures in relation to the leadership and the cadets of the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute, involved in filming an erotic video-parody. The video, uploaded by the students on YouTube, showing them copying a similar clip of half-naked British army soldiers, has received considerable attention on the Internet and in the Russian media.

On Wednesday, “in connection with the shooting in the dormitory of the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute with the participation of 14 first-year students of the flying faculty,” the Rosaviatsiya commission led by deputy head of the department launched an investigation into “all the circumstances and causes of this ugly case.”

It concerns a video, in which cadets of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation dance in BDSM style to Italian DJ Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction wearing underwear, uniform caps, belts and carrying mops, screwdrivers, and irons (BDSM is a psycho-sexual subculture, a combination of the abbreviations B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/S (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism). The posted video is a parody of the video clip shot by British soldiers three years ago, who depicted their “hours of cleaning and leisure” in the military barracks also wearing nothing but shorts and caps.

According to Rosaviatsiya’s official statement published on Tuesday evening, the dance in Ulyanovsk Institute is called “an immoral episode.” Rosaviatsiya reports that the most stringent measures of disciplinary responsibility, up to dismissal and expulsion, will be taken against the people involved, both among the leadership of the Ulyanovsk Institute and among the cadets. The agency notes that it is the first such case in the 90-year history of civil aviation in Russia, and “cadets insulted all employees of the industry with their actions.” The officials believe that “frivolous dances in underwear wearing uniform caps” of the institute on the territory of the Aviation Institute are unacceptable. Aviation medicine experts were recommended to examine the psychoemotional state of the participants. According to Head of Rosaviatsiya Sergey Izvolsky, the commission will talk with each participant, with all the superiors on whom the situation depended, and clarify the circumstances; only after this, by the end of this week, it will elect a measure of responsibility for everyone involved.

On Wednesday, the Privolzhsky Transport Prosecutor's Office also launched a check into the incident, intending to “assess the compliance of cadets' actions with the requirements of federal legislation and take a set of necessary measures.”

The Ulyanovsk Institute representatives refuse to provide details of the commission’s work. Yesterday, Ulyanovsk Institute rector Sergey Krasnov said that “there's no excuse to it,” and that the people involved “will not find their place in civil aviation.” Noting that the cadets were wearing uniform caps and “making fun of what is sacred,” the rector compared them with the scandalous punk band Pussy Riot, and dubbed the institute “a temple of science.” Mr. Krasnov promised that “the most serious conclusions will follow.”

People on the Internet have begun to collect signatures in favor of the cadets of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation with a petition “Do not expel Ulyanovsk cadets.” As of 19:00 Moscow time, over 4 thousand people signed it. The petition’s initiators intend to submit it to the rector of the Institute, Rosaviatsiya, and the Prosecutor's Office. They say the scandal is unduly exaggerated in the media and social networks, while it concerns but a “harmless and positive parody,” which “should not deprive the young and promising pilots, none of whom previously had any problems with studies and disciplinary punishments, of education.” In the voting, organized on a local Internet portal (3700 votes), 75% of readers believe that there is no need to punish the cadets, and that reproaching will be enough. 21% call the video immoral, saying that punishment is required.

Ulyanovsk Transport Prosecutor Roman Korogodin explained that “a check has been initiated and will be completed on Friday,” and that “participants in the scandalous video have already been identified, but it’s not like they had been hiding.” It is not yet known whether there is violation of law in their actions, the prosecutor noted. “They are freshmen, and I think they have already learned a lesson for the future. It is unlikely that the fact of shooting the video affects the degree of their mastering of educational programs.”

Video: Scandalous clip by cadets of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation

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