“By the way, Agekyan is unofficial Fryazino landlord” 

“By the way, Agekyan is unofficial Fryazino landlord”
A fight between Agekyan’s guards and employees of the Fryazino City Administration occurred in daylight Photo: Social networks

Backing of businessman, who shot on Fryazino Deputy Head, talks about the attack on the part of City Administration representatives.

Details of a conflict between head of the Grand group of companies Grigor Agekyan and First Deputy Head of the Fryazino Administration Saipudin Tsakaev are disclosed. Rosbalt tells about the details of the collision.

According to the newspaper, immediately after the fight and followed it shots businessman Agekyan was seized a weapon, from which he allegedly shot on Tsakaev. It turned out that the gun was gifted to the businessman by leadership of Abkhazia. At the moment, the police carry out checks on the fact of hooliganism, but there is no ground for the initiation of the criminal case. Parallel to this, at the request of Agekyan it is carried out another check of the possible abuse of authority by representatives of the City Administration.

Rosbalt’s sources say that Grigor Agekyan is one of the most influential people of the city, a member of the Public Chamber and “the unofficial Fryazino landlord”.

Supporters of the businessman presented their version of what happened. According to local media, the City Administration staff were instigators of conflict, they attacked the businessman and his staff. Agekyan allegedly fired several times into the air only to stop the fight. Also, the report says that all this time the City Head, Igor Sergeev, was watching the conflict from his car.

On November 15, 2016, in the shopping center Sputnik in Fryazino there was a conflict between Mr Agekyan and First Deputy Head of Fryazino Saipudin Tsakaev. According to media reports, officials arrived at the scene to dismantle illegal advertising structures. These constructions are belonged to Grand, one of the core areas of which is the placement of outdoor advertising. In connection with the dismantling of billboards head of the Grand Agekyan arrived and began to threaten representatives of the City Administration. Then Agekyan's guards started beating civil servants and the merchant took out combat gun and fired several shots from it, and then tried to hit Tsakaev twice.

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