Butcher Professor Sokolov says he’s "going crazy" without glasses to read 

Butcher Professor Sokolov says he’s "going crazy" without glasses to read

He asked not to put him in a cell with repeat offenders.

Associate Professor of St. Petersburg State University Oleg Sokolov, who confessed to the murder and dismemberment of the body of Anastasia Yeshchenko, spoke about his feelings since the arrest. He was visited by Chairman of the PMC Alexander Kholodov and his deputy Anton Missulovin, REN TV reports.

“I have a huge favor to ask: I need glasses, I need them to allow me glasses. I can’t read without glasses. As a scientist, when I feel like this, I’m going crazy,” the historian said. Then he cried.

Sokolov also asked not to put him in the same cell with repeat offenders. “Whatever I’ve done, I’ve made a mistake, the only time in my life. Can I just ask to have no people of the criminal world in the cell?” Sokolov said to the human rights activist.

The man was taken out of the Moika River, St. Petersburg on November 9, and severed arms were found in his backpack. Suspect Oleg Sokolov turned out to be a historian, assistant professor of St. Petersburg State University. A search in the professor’s apartment uncovered the corrupted corpse of his 24-year-old graduate. Currently, Sokolov is in custody; he confessed. The professor will be there until January 8.



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