Butcher professor’s friend shocked since he was “extremely squeamish” and “couldn’t disjoint a fresh chicken”

Butcher professor’s friend shocked since he was “extremely squeamish” and “couldn’t disjoint a fresh chicken”
Oleg Sokolov

Friend reveals details from Professor Sokolov’s life.

Details from the life of military historian Oleg Sokolov have been published. The professor was arrested for the murder and dismemberment of his 24-year-old graduate student and lover Anastasia Yeshchenko. A friend of the professor at St. Petersburg State University said in an interview with MK that he is pathologically squeamish: he could not disjoint a fresh chicken, could not fight an alcoholic on the street because he did not want to touch him. The woman was surprised at how he was able to dismember a human body.

In addition, the woman said that the military historian was an esthete in everything and laughed at those who did not reach his intellectual level. He was not stingy, but he did like money since it allowed him to attract young women.

“Oleg understood that the more money he had, the prettier and younger a woman next to him would be. And next to a beautiful lady, his status in society will also go up. He changed women often. He treated each of them like a porcelain figurine. He’d always say that he wanted a “chiseled girl,” with whom he would not be ashamed to go out. He had that fad. Sokolov considered himself an esthete in everything,” the friend said.

The woman was surprised when she learned about the student’s murder and the dismemberment of her body. The friend says that it was not his style since Sokolov is extremely squeamish.

“That’s what surprised me. He couldn’t disjoint a fresh chicken, because he was pathologically squeamish. One day, we were walking along the promenade, when a drunk man started pestering us. Sokolov could not fight with him, because he was too squeamish to touch him. He pushed the drunk man with three fingers and ran from him. Then he shoved him off again and ran again. Then he would carefully wipe his fingers against himself. And now he just dismembers a corpse!” the friend exclaims.

The shocking crime occurred recently in the Northern capital of Russia. The professor of St. Petersburg State University was dragged out of the Moika River, in which he had tried to sink a backpack with severed arms of his lover. Later, parts of Anastasia Yeshchenko’s body and the saw that he had used to cut it were found in his apartment.



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