Businesswoman on BMW swears at police inspectors who stopped her

Businesswoman on BMW swears at police inspectors who stopped her
A shot from the video

Materials on insulting the policemen were sent to the regional ICR office.

In the Urals, Traffic Police inspector stopped a BMW with a woman behind the wheel because of violations of the rules for vehicle tinting, but in response to a legitimate demand to remove the dark film he heard a revoltingly gross expletive. A video with the businesswoman’s overly emotional reaction was published on social networks.

“Well, are you kidding, or what? Here I have ... a fine issued on the third. You pulled me over... If you see that it does not pass... you better pull over your drunks ... pull over in Kamensk ... What kind of a ... fine are you talking about! You should be ... killed! ” the driver hammered on the officer.

The incident occurred on January 7 on the Yekaterinburg - Kurgan highway in the village of Pokrovskoye, the Kamensky Urban District, reports. Upon the violation of the vehicle tinting rules, the Traffic Police inspectors drew up an administrative protocol, and the materials on insulting the policemen were transferred to the ICR.

As the publication established, the driver is a 35-year-old resident of Kamensk-Uralsky, Vladislava Blagodareva, whose husband Alexey in 2008 ran for the Sverdlovsk regional Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party, and his father Valery in 2016 was in the district election commission number 14 from the Liberal Democratic Party, which was created before the elections in Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Until November 2018, Vladislava was listed as the head of Oasis LLC which provided services for households. In addition, as an individual entrepreneur, the woman provided services to the elderly and disabled.



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