Businesswoman killed in Novokuznetsk was mother of five

Businesswoman killed in Novokuznetsk was mother of five
Anna Tsap and her husband Photo: REN TV

Three of her children are minors. The city authorities will place them into a social and rehabilitation center until the issue with guardianship is resolved.

Businesswoman Anna Tsap, who was shot dead by her husband on June 15, had five children, three of whom are minors. This is reported by the Kemerovo region administration’s press service.

The tragedy occurred around noon local time. 46-year-old Yury Kalachev approached the office where his ex-wife worked, shot her, and then entered the building and killed himself. According to the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Kemerovo region, it is a domestic-violence-based homicide – the former spouses had quarreled the previous evening.

It is reported that Tsap had two adult children from her first marriage and three minors, who have now been orphaned. They have a grandmother on the father's side. Employees of social protection and guardianship of Novokuznetsk are currently working with their relatives, the administration representatives said. The minors will be sent to a social rehabilitation center until the issue of their guardianship is resolved.

“The family, which found itself at the center of such tragedy, will receive comprehensive assistance from the authorities,” the local administration’s press service said.

The ICR has initiated a criminal case under Murder (part 1 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code). Investigation proceedings are currently being conducted at the scene. Law enforcers have seized a 12-caliber sleeve.

The late Anna Tsap was an entrepreneur. She was a co-founder of several Kemerovo region companies and the director general of six firms. The murder occurred outside the center of insurance payments on 6, Pavlovsky Street.



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