Businessman reports corruption – gets murder sentence

Businessman reports corruption – gets murder sentence
Ramil Abdrakhmanov

Ramil Abdrakhmanov stated he had been framed.

Today, on May 25, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan passed a verdict convicting members of a gang called Gryaz (‘Mud’), who are accused of killing another member of the group, Gennady Morogov, 21. Ramil Abdrakhmanov, an entrepreneur who had publicly complained about corruption in the municipal bodies of Tatarstan was among the defendants.

A month after the statement, Abdrakhmanov was prosecuted for extortion, but the charges were eventually changed to "arbitrariness." Also, when the homicide case was instituted for the first time, the businessman had an alibi, while as the trial was renewed in 2016, there were no documents supporting the alibi. Abdrakhmanov claims he was framed.

The trial was held with jurors. The court acquitted Marsel Mustakimov, while Artem Rusakov and Ramil Abdrakhmanov were sentenced to 17 years and 13 years in a strict-regime prison, respectively.

According to the investigation, there was a disagreement between the members of the criminal group in 2003: Gennady Morogov, a sportsman, beat up two other gang members. The victims decided to take revenge and kill him. They brought their friends as reinforcement. On the night of July 12, 2003, they waited for Gennady near the door to his building and started beating him with metal rods. One of the attackers had a traumatic Osa gun. Only when Morogov's body was all covered in blood, the gunman shot six times and killed him. The body was put in a car and taken to a forest near the Lagernaya railway station, where some passers-by found it later.

The mother of the victim, Tatyana Morogova, said that her son was first beaten at home, and then in the office. She also believes that there were more attackers than the investigation finds, but they are not in the dock because the police were involved. She added that they had to bury the young man in a closed coffin since his face was very disfigured.

The family of Rusakov, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison, has their own theory: he was never a gang member and did not kill anyone whatsoever. His wife, Lyudmila Yakovleva, said he had never been summoned for any interrogations for 15 years, and she and her husband lived very peacefully.

None of the defendants pleaded guilty.

Ramil Abrakhmanov said earlier that he was framed. In March 2016, the businessman made a statement complaining about corruption in municipal auctions for the right to open a seasonal outlet in Kazan.

In April 2016, a month after that, Abdrakhmanov was arrested on suspicion of extortion, but the charges were eventually changed to "arbitrariness." (Art. 330 of the Criminal Code).

Gennady Morogov was the brother of one of the businessman’s friends. He was a drug addict, would frequently beat his family members and take valuable things out of the house, so Abdrakhmanov was sometimes called for help when Morogov would become violent. According to the businessman’s wife, her husband came to Morogov’s house on the day of the murder and saw a Patrol and Guard Service car there, while the police were taking Gennady and his friend out. Later it turned out that after Gennady was released from the police department, he was severely beaten and left in a deserted place. The policemen and Abdrakhmanov were under suspicion, but the latter had an alibi: he spent the night in his girlfriend’s house.



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