Businessman managed to get another “coffee corrupt cop”, who 9 years ago sold 30 trucks of exhibit, sentenced  

 Businessman managed to get another “coffee corrupt cop”, who 9 years ago sold 30 trucks of exhibit, sentenced

The case against the leader of the criminal group, ex-investigator Valery Orlov, the son of the governor of the Vladimir Region, was separated.

The Moscow's Tverskoy Сourt convicted a former investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Department of the Russian MIA Alexey Monin of abuse of office, which caused serious consequences (Part. 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). According to BFM, he was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony, was arrested in the court room and deprived of the title of Lieutenant Colonel of Justice.

The Lithuanian businessman Nikolay Kudelko sought for this sentence for many years. In November 2006, to the owner of the Delfranzh coffee selling company three employees of the 6th Operational-Investigative Department of Economic Security Bureau (DEB) of the MIA came and offered the businessman to pay 50 thousand dollars for a protection racket. After a few months, a large shipment of coffee - 30 eurotrucks – have been taken from his warehouses, referring to the fact that the products were counterfeit. For the return of goods the same people asked for 500 thousand dollars. Then, they cut the amount in half. But after the transfer of 200 thousand dollars, coffee was not returned and Kudelko asked for help in the 13th operational-investigative bureau of the Department of the MIA own security, and even provided the voice records of conversations, where investigators and mediators asked for bribes. The case was initiated in respect of the businessman himself. The law enforcement even raided the company’s office in order to remove incriminating evidence on their colleagues, but Kudelko managed to save a few copies. However, as early as November 2009, the Court of Vidnoye town found Nicholay Kudelko guilty of illegal business activities (Art. 171 of the Criminal Code) and illegal use of a trade mark (Art. 180 of the Criminal Code). He was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Nevertheless, by 2010, he partly managed to prove his innocence and to reduce the sentence to 3 years.

Экс-следователь Алексей Монин

Photo: former investigator Alexey Monin 

And all this time, a large consignment of coffee, which was the admissible evidence, was under control of the investigator Alexey Monin. He filed papers for the destruction of counterfeit goods, and even made a document on the date of expiry of coffee. Then, he transferred the material evidence for destruction to Andrey Nabiullin, who represented the Firma Transit Sever-Yug company. He also participated in the negotiations on the transfer of the businessman’s money to the investigators. Moreover, the company did not have the authority for storage or destruction of the product and had no connection with the Russian Federal Property Fund.

In fact, the consignment was sold and got on the shelves of Russian stores. In 2015, Nabiullin was convicted of fraud (Art. 163 of the Criminal Code) and extortion (Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) and sentenced to 8 years. Him and the investigator of the Vidnoye Town Department of Internal Affairs Valery Yakovlev took part in the negotiations between the law enforcement and Kudelko. However, now Yakovlev is a witness in the relevant criminal cases.

In addition, the investigators were able to seize several cars owned by the businessman as material evidence, and then sold them using the false powers of attorney.   

Николай и Лора Куделко

Photo: Nikolay and Laura Kudelko

When Kudelko was released, he and his lawyer wife Laura Kudelko decided to seek the truth and to punish all those who framed him. He even managed to get an appointment with the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin.

In 2012, a staff witness of the MIA Investigative Committee Kirill Tian, who, moreover, was registered in the federal wanted list, was sentenced for the fraud with the vehicles. He was sentenced to 2 years in a penal colony. Two traffic police for the Southern District of Moscow Oleg Galkin and Dmitry Yanshin got 2 years of probation, and 2 years of prison, respectively.

In October 2013, the senior security officer for particularly important cases of the 49th Division of the 9th ORB DEB of MIA Vyacheslav Denisov was sentenced. He convicted in fraud and got 2.5-year suspended sentence due to confession.

Now it was Alex Monin’s turn to be punished. He, according to the materials of the case, is one of the key characters who took a consignment of coffee and sold it. Interestingly, the original cost of counterfeit goods according to seized documents was about $ 2-3 million. However, in court at the verdict the amount of 5.2 million rubles was mentioned. Monin himself pleaded not guilty and tried to prove that coffee was expired. A decision on the destruction of the material evidence was taken by him after a consultation with management.

Another MIA investigator, Alexander Dmitriev, accused of falsifying the case against Kudelko disappeared in February 2015, the Main Investigative Directorate placed him on the wanted list.

Several ex-employees of DEB who now are high-ranking security officials are still persons of interest in the case. One of them is the Chief of MIA Department in Moscow metro Igor Bozhkov and Deputy Police Chief of the 4th Department of MIA Dmitry Kirichkov. They, according to the investigators, also participated in the extortion of money.

Владимир Орлов

Photo: Vladimir Orlov

In addition, a former employee of the 28th Division an investigative bureau № 6 DEB of MIA Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Orlov also appears in the case of extortion. He is the ex-chief of railway stations security of Directorate of the JSC Russian Railways, he is the son of the Vladimir Region Governor Svetlana Orlova. According to witnesses, Orlov, in April 2007, initiated the seizure of the Kudelko’s coffee. In these 9-year-old conversations his named is used by the participants of extortion. In respect of Orlov, the case materials available are being processed separately.

A number of former investigators and former heads of the investigation department of the MIA are witnessing in this case. But since they ignore all the subpoenas, the court decided on their compulsory process.



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