Businessman from India shot in Moscow suspected of being attacked by competitors 

Businessman from India shot in Moscow suspected of being attacked by competitors
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According to the entrepreneur, his partner had been beaten twice before.

Head of the pharmaceutical company Jodas Expoim Lumba Dzhipoti, who was shot by unknown persons in Moscow, suspected his business rivals of organizing the attack. Earlier, Indian partner Sasha Singh was beaten twice. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“These are our competitors. Two times before it already happened (an attack) on my partner, now the third time on me. Every time this company gets into some kind of trouble, they start looking for the guilty ones,” Dzhipoti said.

According to him, on December 12 and 21, 2018, unknown persons beat Sasha Singh.

“The second time he was very badly beaten. It was as if he had no face. 12-13 days he spent at home, then he has to put on glasses. He had hematomas, bruises,” the news agency quotes the source.

Dzhipoti estimated his condition as an average: his finger was broken, it was hard to walk, as he was hit hard under the knees, several wounds from bullets fired from a traumatic weapon. The driver of the entrepreneur, Muscovite Alexander Burdenko, was also injured. He was shot through the windshield of the car. Doctors identified eye injury, but without the threat to vision.

Recall the attack on Dzhipoti and Burdenko happened around 6 pm on February 14 on the Nizhegorodskaya street in Moscow. Three men beat the entrepreneur, made at least four shots from the traumatic pistol, stole the phone from Dzhipoti and hid at BMW. The police announced the Intercept plan, but they failed to find the criminals. The investigating authorities opened a criminal case of robbery (under Part 2 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code), RBC reports.

Video: Foreign businessman and his employee shot in Moscow



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