Buryatia: stripper performs at police corporate event 

Buryatia: stripper performs at police corporate event

The video has prompted a service check.

A stripper was invited to perform at the corporate event of one of the police departments in Ulan-Ude. Her half-naked dance was recorded on a mobile phone camera. It shows a hot dance performed by a stripper in glinting underwear and pink shoes on a strip platform in front of the police officers.

Some men look with interest, others laugh and cover their faces with their palms.

“It's not the reaction we expected,” one of the women present jokes.

The video has been published in the social network VK.com and already prompted a service check.

“During the check, we will identify the officials who violated the discipline and standards of professional ethics,” the regional MIA says. Those who organized the celebration may be brought to disciplinary responsibility. 



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