Buryatia plans rally in memory of Yury Vlasko, fighter killed in July

Buryatia plans rally in memory of Yury Vlasko, fighter killed in July
Yury Vlasko

Irkutsk region is also going to honor the memory of the athlete since this is where the man was from.

Buryat capital, Ulan-Ude, has an initiative group that is going to hold a rally in memory of the deceased fighter Yury Vlasko.

The initiators are currently dealing with all the organizational issues. They post all the relevant information about the upcoming event on VKontakte public page called Yury Vlasko the Champion. According to preliminary information, the rally will be held on August 17 at about 9PM. There will be fundraising for Yury Vlasko's mother.

The initiative has been joined by Irkutsk, Angarsk (where Vlasko was born), as well as Tunkinsky region of Buryatia, where the sportsman was killed.

The CrimeRussia wrote previously that Umar Tebiev, the doctor of the Russian national wrestling team, had posted a petition on Change.org, where he stated that he wanted those responsible for Yuri Vlasko’s death be given life sentences. More than 18.000 people have signed it so far.

Yury Vlasko was stabbed on the shore of Lake Baikal early on July 29. The incident occurred near the village of Goryachinsk of Baikal region, Buryatia, where the fighter had been spending time with his friends after a tournament. Vlasko was killed in a mass brawl that involved his fellow athletes, people from Dagestan and local residents. The 20-year-old wrestler, unarmed, was stabbed and beaten to death. The Buryat Investigative Committee reported on the detention of two suspects in the murder: previously convicted men aged 29 and 33. The suspects are charged with Murder (part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code). The men are imprisoned.



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