Story on how an ever tipsy judge from Voronezh thinks himself the master of the universe 

Story on how an ever tipsy judge from Voronezh thinks himself the master of the universe
If Evgeny Kapustin is found and convicted, then he will face an imprisonment for up to two years Photo: The CrimeRussia

All-permissiveness is a domain of the wealthy and power-wielding. In big cities, sanctimoniousness of officials, an uncontrolled crime committed by government security services, and drag races of rich kids in luxury imports are by no means surprising these days. One might jump to the conclusion that it is quieter and less obtrusive in the hinterlands, and there’s no one who would make a display of his wealth, but it was not to be – there are enough ‘persons of naturals gifts’, as well. In a town of Liski in Voronezh region, a judge Evgeny Kapustin not only renders justice but also commits crowning outrages. One quiet evening, this servant of Themis’ foreign car ran spang into a taxi-cab. Then, Kapustin removed the number plates from his car and committed them to the flames in front of witnesses.

Car accident in front of witnesses

On Wednesday night, October 17, at the intersection of Domostroiteley and Solnechnaya streets in the town of Liski in Voronezh region, Toyota RAV4 white offroadster ran spang into Lada-Granta taxi-cab owned by a car service Slavyane. With that, Lada-Granta was running green lights on the main road while the crossover was running red lights at a high rate of speed. However, the RAV4 driver was absolutely comfortable with both the red lights, and another road user.

“The white crossover was rushing at full speed with about 100 km/h. Its driver did not even try to hit the brake pedal. There was no braking sound or tire marks.” Ilya G., the witness, told The CrimeRussia.


When the cars collided, the driver's side of the taxi-cab was badly hit. As for Toyota, its front only was damaged. After the collision, the foreign car run forward a few dozen meters till it stopped on the side of the road, in the grass.

Копия liski-toyota2.jpg

The alleged (the obvious) person responsible for the hit-and-run accident – along with two passengers – got out of the car unharmed, like they were born with a caul. The first thing they did is inspected carefully their car; then, they removed the plates from it. They did not care of condition of the victims. In the first three minutes after the car accident, the crossover trinity discussed the situation; then, they fled the scene. The witnesses managed to take pictures of their backs; the man wearing a red sweat jacket was recognized as a judge of the District Court in Liski – Evgeny Kapustin. It was him who was at the wheel of the foreign car that night.

Kapustin wearing red olympic shirt

Kapustin wearing red olympic shirt (left)

The witnesses of the hit-and-run accident called an ambulance for the victims – the cab’s driver and his passengers.  



The victims were hospitalized. The passengers – an elderly couple – had a concussion and multiple cuts. Aleksander Yurakov, the driver, suffered 4 broken ribs, and a compression heart seizure; he had a punctured lung and a tube in his chest used to drain the blood from the lungs.

The elderly couple spent a week in the hospital. The driver remains there.

“Sasha’s one lung still can’t breathe properly. Now, the doctors want to send us to Voronezh for treatment.” Aleksander Yurakov’s mother, Nadejda, told The CrimeRussia. She added that in all that time, no one from Kapustin’s family had attempted to contact Aleksander Yurakov – they neither offered assistance nor apologized.

Aleksander Yurakov

Aleksander Yurakov

RAV, screw it!

While the E.R. were loading the victims on stretchers into the cars, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) representatives came to the scene. The witnesses state that police officers were not in a hurry to respond to the call. The car accident took place at about 8:30 pm with the law enforcement officers ‘were ready to arrive’ in an hour only. 30 minutes later, during the course of the unhasting examination of the scene, Toyota RAV4 suddenly exploded.

“I saw a man wearing a police officer uniform-like clothing started setting up sprays on the white foreign car. I'm just saying what I saw.” The eyewitness told The CrimeRussia.

Less than 2 hours after the accident, fire spread around the white RAV4 again, and it burned to the ground in a matter of minutes. Fire-fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived at the scene and put out the fire: there remained the car’s basic structure and smell of burning only. 

According to the eyewitnesses, the law enforcement officers were not in a hurry to fill-in the accident report forms and find the driver. However, they were good at cleaning. The vehicle’s windows were removed from the road, the cars were evacuated, and the burn grass for some reason was covered with sand.

“The crossing was cleaned thoroughly; not a bit of glass. The spot where the car was burning was covered with sand as though nothing happened. Here’s a son of a judge for you!” The locals commented on social networks.

“Fire-fighters, police officers and photographers are looking for him”

It’s been more than two weeks since the law enforcement officers can’t find the Toyota’s driver – Evgeny Kapustin. The locals who were the eyewitnesses of the car accident have no doubt that it was him at the wheel that night. Many of them are also convinced of the fact that Kapustin was drunk – he was wambling, and his breath was redolent of alcohol. Anyway, according to The CrimeRussia's sources, the judge is often in this state.

All this while, Kapustin hasn’t been at work. Guards at the courthouse stated that the judge had been on vacation since October 15.

Courthouse in Liski

Courthouse in Liski

Kapustin’s father who had been a head of the Liski court from 1985 till 2013 (28 years!) is also unaware of the son’s whereabouts. And more importantly, Leonid Kapustin doesn’t allegedly understand where his white Toyota RAV4 went - he put out a search for it shortly before the accident. According to the official declaration of income of the servants of Themis, Kapustin Sr. purchased the car in 2012. He earned more than 130 thousand rubles ($1.9 thousand) a month. In 2011 and 2012, he made the total of 1.44 million and 1.5 million, respectively. Moreover, Leonid Kapustin and his wife own a house with an area of 206.4 square meters, a land property with an area of 1071 square meters, and three garages with a Daewoo Matiz mini-car inside (besides Toyota RAV4 that used to be there, as well). 

Kapustin Jr.’s income who, according to the declaration, became a judge in 2013 is a bit more modest. During his first year as a judge, he had earned 873 thousand rubles ($13.3 thousand). In subsequent years, his income was steadily more than a million. The judge owns a house with an area of 132 square meters, a land property with an area of 700 square meters, and a shared 96 square meters’ apartment. The servant of Themis replaced his cars with the new ones every year. In 2013, he had Skoda (model unknown), in 2014 – Mitsubishi Pajero, in 2015 – Niva and Chevrolet Niva, in 2016 – Chevrolet Niva, and in 2017 – a brand new Datsun on-Do.

Evgeny Kapustin had two daughters. Judging by the documents, he divorced his wife in 2015.

The dynasty of the judges apparently didn’t live as large as capital or federal officials; they were quite wealthy though – especially by standards of a small town with a population of slightly more than 50 thousand people.

Full and impartial investigation

The police officers handed over the papers of the case to the Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Voronezh region. The media office of the Office of Investigations refused – when asked by The CrimeRussia – to clarify the reasons for transferring the case limiting themselves to a standard phrase: “For the full and impartial investigation.”

The media office also did not specify whether the criminal case was opened and stated that the full information they could provide at that moment was in the message on their website. In case Evgeny Kapustin is found guilty of the accident, his acts fall within item 1 of article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation by a person driving a motor vehicle, a tram or another mechanical transport vehicle of the traffic rules or rules for operation of a transport means which has, by negligence, entailed the causing of grave harm to human health). This article implies that a person shall be punishable by limitation of freedom for a term of up to three years.

The investigators have been carrying out the examination for more than 2 weeks now. All the while, Evgeny Kapustin has been on the run which means that the driver of Toyota RAV4 had not been officially identified yet.

“At the present time, due to the fact that the driver was not caught, the post-mortem has been carried out with Toyota’s owner.” Evgeny Skorobogatov, a director of a branch of Slavyane car service, told Bloknot Voronezh data portal. “I learnt from unofficial sources that the owner is the father of the judge Kapustin Evgeny Leonidovich. I’m still waiting for an official response from the traffic police.”

By the way, journalists failed to find Kapustin Sr. at home either.

Erase from memory

The car accident with dozens of eyewitnesses is being heavily discussed on social networks. The locals agree that the accident was not a surprise, at all – Judge Kapustin was more often seen enjoying hot beverages in the town’s various places of entertainment rather than in court.

Meanwhile, they were surprised when the posts and photos from the scene that were published first on local social network’s communities were deleted by someone. In some communities, the comments were deleted, as well.


The sloth-like pace of the law enforcement officials who can’t still find Kapustin Jr. puts everyone on guard, as well.

And the most shocking of it all is questionable – yet rather confident – actions by Kapustin Jr.: he caused the car accident, removed the car plates, fled the scene, and burnt the vehicle. Can it be true that the wealthy judge is so confident in his impunity? The CrimeRussia will follow the developments.



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