Burger King restaurant director killed by BlaBlaCar traveler resisted till end 

Burger King restaurant director killed by BlaBlaCar traveler resisted till end
The deceased Irina Akhmatova

New details of the murder of Irina Akhmatova, whom the recidivist Vitaly Chikirev killed for the mobile phone and 10,000 rubles ($150). The accused in the murder continues to testify.

Investigators of the ICR headquarters continue to investigate the resonant murder of 29-year-old Irina Akhmatova, who went missing a week before the New Year on her way from Moscow to Tula. Later, the police found her car in Yaroslavl, and then detained a murder suspect, who showed where the body of the deceased had been hidden.

Komsomolskaya Pravda, citing an informed law enforcement source, said that Vitaly Chikirev, who sat down in the south of Moscow Irina Akhmatova's Audi thanks to BlaBlaCar online service, asked her to stop at the side of the Simferopolskoye highway about an hour after leaving Moscow.

Suddenly, he struck the girl a few blows to the head and began to choke. The girl resisted, but since it was already dark, the struggle in the cabin was not visible from the cars passing by.

After killing the girl, Chikirev pulled her body out of the Audi, dragged it into the forest, and covered it with snow and branches. Having searched the salon and his victim's belongings, the killer scored only about 10,000 rubles ($150) in various bills and took Akhmatova's mobile phone.

Vitaly Chikirev

Recall that the director of two Moscow restaurants of the Burger King chain, Irina Akhmatova, disappeared during a trip from Moscow to Tula on December 23. It was reported that the girl was took with her the passenger she had found through the BlaBlaCar travel service. Later, her car with a cleaned cabin and license plates taken off was discovered in a parking lot in Yaroslavl. As part of the investigation of the criminal case instituted by the ICR under Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the operatives went on the trail of the killer. As it turned out later, Chikirev started several fake accounts on the BlaBlaCar service and, having chosen the victim, bought all the seats in her car.

On December 30, police detained a suspect in the Vladimir region, where he was hiding from friends. During the interrogation, he admitted his guilt, noting that the motive for the murder was the robbery.



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