Burger King general manager murder suspect under arrest

Burger King general manager murder suspect under arrest
Vitaly Chikirev

Meshchansky Court of Moscow has delivered a verdict of Vitaly Chikirev, BlaBlaCar traveling companion of the missing Irina Akhmatova.

According to TASS, Vitaly Chikirev, 39, will remain in jail until February 27, 2019.

Chikirev is accused of murdering Irina Akhmatova, the general manager of two Moscow Burger King restaurants, who had found him as a fellow traveler on the BlaBlaCar app in the evening of December 23. Irina Akhmatova’s body has not yet been found.

As previously reported, during the interrogation, the detainee, 39, pleaded guilty, saying that robbery was the reason he had slain the woman. He had planned the crime in advance: he created several fake accounts on the app for searching travel companions, including female ones. It is noted that the criminal booked all the seats in Irina Akhmatova’s car.

After he committed the crime, the man threw away the victim’s body and drove her car to Yaroslavl, where his wife and mistress lived. He left the car in the city upon learning that the search had begun, although he had previously planned to sell it for parts.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia wrote that Vitaly Chikirev, accused of the murder of Irina Akhmatova, was a former riot policeman who had undergone military service in the special unit "Skif". Moreover, he has been to Chechnya on business trips several times. 

MK notes that he committed a number of sexual crimes in 2009 and was put on the wanted list. He was captured in Nizhny Novgorod and convicted after some time. In 2008, he was suspected of killing a woman to get her apartment, but his involvement was never proven.



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