Budantsev recognized as witness upon Shakro Molodoy’s case

Budantsev recognized as witness upon Shakro Molodoy’s case
Eduard Budantsev

Former Interior Ministry employee and lawyer Eduard Budantsev will witness a case of extortion of 8 million rubles ($138.400) brought against Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), Andrey Kochyukov (Italian) and 12 other defendants.⁠

According to the source of the Moskva news agency in law enforcement bodies, the court will begin to consider the case of extortion on October 10. According to investigators, on December 14, 2015, Shakro Molodoy and his accomplices arrived at the Elements restaurant on Rodchelskaya Street and, threatening with violence, began to demand 8 million rubles, which Zhanna Kim, owner of the institution, owed to designer Fatima Misikova.

On the side of the owner of the restaurant was head of the law firm Diktatura Zakona (Dictatorship of the Law) Eduard Budantsev. Later, there was a shootout, after which Shakro Molodoy and Italian were detained. Another person involved in the case was former employee of the Interior Ministry's BIA Yevgeny Surzhikov.

During the shooting, Budantsev shot and killed two employees of controlled by Shakro Molodoy private security firm. A criminal case was initiated against him under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder), but later he was re-qualified under Art. 108 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder committed in excess of the necessary self-defense limits). Currently, the investigation into this case is completed. His materials were sent to Budantsev for studying.

Budantsev was also recognized as a victim in the case against Denis Romashkin, an ex-employee of the Presnensky police station, officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry department in the Presnensky district Ildar Shakirov and Presnensky district policeman Renat Zinnatulin. The policemen are accused of abuse of authority after the shooting at Rodchelskaya. According to Budantsev himself, they did not react to the conflict in the restaurant, and after Kochuykov's arrival they left, wishing the participants good luck.

In addition, after the conflict in Elements, a corruption case was initiated. Its defendants became three high-ranking officers of the Investigative Committee: Mikhail Maksimenko, Alexander Lamonov and Denis Nikandrov. According to the investigation, they received 500 thousand euros from Kalashov for protection. In particular, for this reward they had to prevent the investigation of the shooting incident on Rodchelskaya and release Kochuykov.



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