Budantsev provoked everything – now being defended

Budantsev provoked everything – now being defended
Former operative of Presnensky Department of Internal Affairs (OVD) Ildar Shakirov

Ex-policemen condemn in court the participant of the shootout beside Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow began preliminary hearings on the case of policemen, who arrived on call to Elements restaurant, where a skirmish between Shakro Molodoy’s people and lawyer Eduard Budantsev took place on December 14, 2015. According to BFM, the investigators believe that Ildar Shakirov, an operative of Presnensky Department of Internal Affairs (OVD), Denis Romashkin, the Acting Head of the Presnensky OVD Criminal Investigation Department, and Renat Zinnatulin, a local police officer, showed criminal inaction by not having prevented the shootout.

Shakirov's testimony revealed that owner of the restaurant Zhanna Kim had not been acquainted with Eduard Budantsev, who came to protect her interests when assistant of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov Andrey Kochuykov began to demand 8 million rubles ($141 thousand) for alleged debt to designer Fatima Misikova.

According to the policeman, he had just been transferred to the Presnensky OVD and on that day he was not supposed to be on duty at all. However, he was asked to replace a comrade who was on holiday. The officer on duty said that several times already the "psychotic woman" had called the call center and claimed that extorting was taking place in Elements restaurant. She reported that there were 10 armed people there. An immediate response team (GRN) was sent there, but the information was not confirmed. However, at 21:40 Shakirov with two employees of the private security came to the restaurant where at that time GRN officers were still there. At the entrance Ildar Shakirov met Eduard Budantsev and Vladimir Kostrichenko, who showed the IDs of pensioners of the MIA. The men reported that they had arrived at the request of their friend to the owner to "provide support".

When Shakirov went inside, he saw several people in the VIP-room who were surprised at the arrival of the policeman. Zhanna Kim was among those present. She took the law enforcer aside, and explained that the negotiators were conducting a "civil dispute". She clarified that she called the police about extortion of 8 million rubles ($141 thousand) twice, however, Kim could not explain who claimed the money from her. She refused to write a claim to the police, explaining that "now the dialogue is successful". After that she asked the policeman: "Who are these people?", pointing at Budantsev and Kostrichenko. Shakirov replied: "They said they knew you".

Subsequently, Budantsev himself claimed that he had arrived at the restaurant at the request of Zhanna Kim herself, with whom he had allegedly concluded an agreement in 2014 on providing legal assistance. However, he could not provide the contract itself.

According to Shakirov, the conflict began when he had already got into the police car and left for another call, but soon Romashkin who remained in the restaurant called him. When Shakirov returned, he found a shootout. Romashkin himself was not armed, since he had finished his shift and was heading home. Officer Zinnatulin admitted that when the shooting started, he was waiting for Romashkin's directions. At the court session the former policemen said that they did not stay idle, but detained the participants of the shooting, including Budantsev. According to them, there was no conflict in the restaurant, it was negotiations that were in progress. However, Budantsev provoked the fight that developed into the shootout. "Budantsev himself provoked everything, and now they are trying to talk his way out", – former Acting Head of the CID of Presnensky OVD Denis Romashkin said.

The examination of the case of the ex-policemen will begin on April 11. As The CrimeRussia previously wrote, the arrived representatives of the MIA not only did not interfere in the conflict, but also ordered meals at the restaurant and had a quiet dinner.

Retired KGB Colonel Eduard Budantsev was arrested on charges of killing two or more persons. Andrey Kochuykov was initially detained on suspicion of hooliganism, then the accusation was changed for extortion. Thief in law Shakro Molodoy, in whose interests 8 million rubles ($141 thousand) were extorted, was charged under the same article.



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